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Sustainable Initiatives

The spirit of the project is to foster balance with the natural and cultural environment. We want to show it is possible to offer tourism facilities reconcile with nature.

Indeed, we try are best to put in place ecological solutions.

Build something on a remoted island has been a challenge but also a source of inspiration.

We decide to use as much as possible the locals materials.

Our villas & restaurant are build mostly in bamboo and palm wood.

We keep the traditionnal style with tatched roof covered with local herbs "alang alang". We treated the wood with a natural product based on chili. Not so good smell but efficient (thanks to Asali Bali)

Reduce our daily electrical consomption is the first aim regarding electricity challenge.

We put in place a biodigester to produce biogas and provide the energy for cooking.

The thank is filled with toilets and farming waste.

By fermentation of this waste, we produce usable gas. We worked with a local company who already installed this biodigester on the island.

We want also to take care about the water, unfortunately more and more polluted. 

We start to develop ways to harvest rain waters and we treat grey waters through a phyto-purification process.

The rain and grey waters are recycle for the swimming pool, the garden and the toilets.

The swimming pool is also treated with a phyto-purification system.


On another hand, we will try to free ourselves from packaging as much as possible and reuse the waste as we can. The use of plastics in general will be limited choosing the right providers, plastic bottles will be banned and replaced with reusable glass bottles.

We start to put in place a partnership with the local road company to recycle our plastics in the roads construction on Sumba throught our NGO Sumba Bisa.

In order to offer hot water in the rooms we built a solar water heater. An easy system in such sunny area that can reduce efficiently the electrical needs. Indeed washing machine and showers can represent an important % of the consumption. Done with recycled local and efficient material, we love this solution.

To be able to supply vegetables for the restaurant we start a kitchen garden. We use permaculture techniques learned during a initiation and share a lot with local farmers to improve the quality and the diversity of the local production.

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