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One Place, One Story...

We are a french couple, left for adventure and willing to create a sustainable place to live and welcome people.

Four years ago, we discovered Sumba island in Indonesia. During our stay, we met with Sumbanese people, wild landscapes and untouched culture. We thought, she will be the perfect place for our challenge.

Today, in parternship with a Sumbanese family, who welcomed us during our many stays, we are proud to offer you an authentic place. We work with local people and put in place sustainable techniques: use of local materials, water treatment by phyto purification, recovery of rainwater, kitchen garden, biogas ...

Come to enjoy and take part of this adventure with us.

Amu Dahi Villa

Our Villas

We take our architectural inspiration from the traditional Sumbanese style with pointed thatched roofs. Indeed, it has several purpose: It allows good ventilation in the house, the upper part serves as an attic for food. Also, in local beliefs, it enable a connection with the spirits.

To offer you all the comfort, we have modernized the houses and put in place sustainable solutions to keep this island magic.

Weaving Sumba

Discover Sumba

Sumba is full of new discoveries and unique adventures. Enjoy your trip on this mysterious island where wild landscapes mingle with authentic culture and untouched white sandy beaches. 

We can help you to book a tour with our travel agency Sumba Mimpi Travel to fully enjoy your stay in Sumba.

Where to find us?

Our villas and restaurant are located in Melolo, a small town east of Sumba 1 hour from Waingapu airport.


We are ideally located to visit villages where the tradition of weaving ikats is still inked.


You could also discover beautiful waterfalls, or  simply enjoy the pool.

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